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06:47pm 30/04/2003
  you know i havent written in here in awile
and im taking everybody of my friends list
there are some people on here worth to read
but as one of my post said
i got a new journal and only one person bothered to add me
so i doubt anyone even read this
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06:40pm 18/03/2003
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11:19pm 07/03/2003
  i was gonna make my new journal friends-only but i know some people dont have journals and still read it
i just dont want certain ppl to read it
aka steveo
who probably doesnt even read it anymore
cuz he's too busy getting stoned and drunk
and hates me
heh i kicked him in the arse today
i miss him as a friend
but whatever
i'll get over it
leave me a comment with ur email and ill send you my new address ok?
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just one more entry   
02:56pm 05/03/2003
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one last entrie   
02:47pm 05/03/2003
04:37pm 03/03/2003
  "Dear Journal,
I realized today that you're the only one that knows me.
I also realized that :
They only touched me to hurt me
they only touched me to pleasure themselves
The only difference between the two of them was that i didnt share my blood with one of them
maybe thats why i fell for it
if i didnt analyze everything
i dont know
id still be nieve
they both deserve to die
i wish i never knew either one
how can you hurt someone like that?
especially when they have been previously hurt in the same manner and you knew about it
i hope you both rot in hell"
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06:17pm 02/03/2003
you said you were coming over on the weekend
come save me
are you still in the toilet?
05:07pm 02/03/2003
i have that popcorn breath and it wont go away
but i dont feel nasueasdfsdfa
and i usually only get it when i feel nasueasdfsdfa
04:53pm 02/03/2003
  you know
i never hang out with anyone
im always stuck in this house
i dont get why noone gives me a second chance
yet they give others like 4 5 or 6
i had a dream i went to pizza stop looking for michael and he wasnt there
so i got some pizza
04:44pm 02/03/2003
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04:19pm 02/03/2003
  ok, im starting a new journal  
04:03pm 02/03/2003
  so anyways
i found her journal
you know
i shouldnt even bother
no one likes me
no one likes me
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03:48pm 02/03/2003
  im bored as hell
someone come save me
12:12pm 02/03/2003
  ok, the room is basically clean now
except for the clothes
and my tummy hurts
does anyone want to give me $3 so i can go blonde again??????
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11:52am 02/03/2003
  im cleaning the room
god it was so dirty, but thats good cuz it equals more cleaning
and i just need to get my mind off stuff right now
i was crying all last night and this morning
im not even supposed to be online
i cant wait to start reading some more of that fredrick douglas book
i never thought i would a book like that interesting
but im hooked
and that'll help me keep my mind off stuff too
im thinking i should give drugs a try
im think dxm
oh and im doing laundry too
i should go put it in the dryer
04:28pm 01/03/2003
  well since all of my friends like steveo better then me now, the all hang out with him now, and he never hangs out with me
everytime i called
he always has to leave
why is he avoiding me
i dont care
i made a new friend
and he's better than all of you
his name is mr. razor
and he's always there when i need it
which is, very often
so anyways the other day at joe's house
or more like at joe's vehicle
we were talking about paxil
and that he knows someone that overdosed on it or sumthing like that
so why the fuck do i take a fuckin bottle and nothing happens
fuck this shit
fuck it
you all are fuckin bastards
kyou fuckin assholes
i wish all you stupid people would just fuckin die
and leave me the fuck alone
you fuckin fags
fuck off
fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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02:00pm 01/03/2003
  i had an urge to cut
so i showered with cold water
and sliced my tummy
01:58pm 01/03/2003
  so my mom is going to san antonio during spring break
so im gonna beg her for some money
and hopefully get some weed
and get stoned with jeremy,sasha and mia and a few others, maybe
and invite cody and daniel to watch porn
spring break
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04:31pm 28/02/2003
  Dude, my whole french class was talking shit about Stephanie Thomas, like the whole fuckin class
pretty fuckin sad
but anyways
mardi gras today
i wore this cow costume
and it had a pierced utter
and man, alot of people were milking me
and then ms shaw gave me one of the stuffed animal prizes cuz i ran two booths
it was pretty fun
won one pair of beads cuz i didnt have time to play games or eat
but i took a pan of cornbread home
anyone want some?
06:28pm 27/02/2003
im getting cramps
which means ill probably get my period in like a week and a half
damn this period shit
i hurt
07:46pm 26/02/2003
  im so proud of mia right now
i could just give her a hug if she were here
07:21pm 26/02/2003
  i hate myself
i mean
i bet you didnt know ive tried to kill myself becuz of my socialphobia
yea, it gets that bad
just like ill probably try to kill myself before my brothers wedding
becuz its the only way to avoid the event
the therapist said my socialphobia was a cause of my depression
id rather die then be in a social situation
now you can call me stupid and/or pathetic
but all i have to say is fuck you
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07:03pm 26/02/2003
  im letting it all build up inside
and i cant take it anymore
i just wish i could just like
i just wish everyone would know what was going on inside my head and whats been going on for the past 16yrs 9 months 4 days and appr 4 min, in my head without me having to explain
now im just sitting here crying like a stupid bitch, cuz i have no fuckin friends, and im alone, in a dark room, staring at a computer screen cuz its the only thing that keeps me sane and once this fuckin computer is off, im just gonna sit on my bed and think somemore about how stupid i am, and how everyone would be much better off without me, cuz all i ever seem to do is annoy everyone and piss everyone off, well maybe ill have the guts to someday fuckin kill myself, i only pray to god that he gives me courage
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02:43pm 26/02/2003
how can you tell me that:
"steveo is an asshole"
"you can do better than steveo"
"steveo is not that great"
"steveo is a bitch"
and who knows how much other shit you've told me about him
yet you turn around blow me off to go hang out with him
sorry but thats bullshit
mia and sarah, dont talk to me ever again
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06:39pm 23/02/2003
majaedus played at the battle of the bands
i didnt know
ive been waiting to like fuckin see em forever
i just found out theyre playing the 25th tho
but still
i couldve seen em yesterday
and i never got to meet mike either
cuz i didnt go to el torreon
06:24pm 22/02/2003
  so yea
i fuckin took 375mg of paxil
that is 350 more then what i shouldve
and no effect
no kind of effect
why is it so hard to try and hurt myself
i did this infront of my mom
and she didnt give a shit
and i told her i was gonna do it too
shes like well go ahead
i wont stop you
do whatever you want
i wish i had better more loving and caring parents
or more like mom
cuz i dont have a dad
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02:34am 22/02/2003
lorena is being a dumb cock
shes fuckin blaming me for her losing her stupid lennon cd cover
did she not like nag about me about her fuckin cds
that she fucking had under her bed
'brenda, i know you have my cds. and i want them"
when i fuckin told her i didnt have em
i looked fuckin everywhere
'no brenda, theyre not under my bed, theyre under yours'
uh, yea, where were they
under her fuckin bed
lorena, you can take a cock and shove it your loose pussy, i dont have your shit
stupid bitch!
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01:14am 22/02/2003
  oh yea
and i think justin nichols and becky gable go out
01:11am 22/02/2003
  5Q was great, cuz freakin hott donny was there
and i talked to him
and then we had a conversation
and then he stole all the candy from the bowl
and took a few
then gave it to me
god he's hott
yea lorena went to the used
and then to 5Q
and bert gave out his number
and they fuckin didnt get it
but i gave nate a dollar to hook me up with scott
and man
i swear allie needs to shut her fuckin mouth
scott told nate that i carry pictures of him around and say that that's my bf
and you know where he got that from right?
allie bitch!
god i hate her with a passion
daniel fukes is so funny tho
hes fun to talk to
07:03pm 20/02/2003
  tomorrow is the used
ms mary warrell
would you happen to be going?
and mr steveo warrell
did what i tell you at lunch make you kinda like me some?
and you need cbr's in your holes cuz that would look sexy
so mr steveo warrell
will you go out with me?...

like pyschically(sp) to a place?
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